Thursday, July 24


breed her agony,feed her ego.
beyond her guilt towards humanity,and the guilt she holds towards herself,
she chose to be neautral.
plain,same ol'
but amongst them all,she's the assasin,
and amongst them all,she's an angel too.
cause for every truth she reads,there lies deceiption,
and every deceiption she told reveals the truth.
she's,the impressive.

Sunday, February 3


get your grip in life,
shit happens but nothing stays forever.
behold,for every fact that you know taste like never-ending lies.
some things are easier to be said,but harder to be done
but thats exactly how things work.
we must admit,every single one of us
that the life that we lead
is base on instinct and judgements
and life itself is founded on deceptions,superficialities and fear,
for some are still afraid of letting themself being seen in their true colours,
or maybe even knowing the truth about themselves.
i must say seriously,
get your grip in life.

Tuesday, January 8


she was powerless,
a little confused,a little out of luck
between the shoulders of her past and her lost future,
she was stuck.
life have always been so vauge yet still she stood there waiting,numb.
wanting to be needed,wanting more than an open door.
'oh where have my certainities suddenly gone to?'she asked,

she said,memories hurt her
but yet it didnt kill.
her faith was strong,she was strong.
she was only a girl,
who is more wordly,less innocent.

Thursday, December 13


from her points of view,
filled with apprehension and alarm
she knew,the truth about lying
and those intoxicating dreams
draining her thoughts away
delaying the time she spent thinking

its like being freed from desire
though,hope is not worth hoping
wishes could be washed away.
continually recurring to the mind
evoking lifelike images,
vivid yet disturbing.

whatever affects one,
correspondingly affects the other
in sorrow or anguish.
favouring one alternative over the other
prejudice much?

you held her in slavery.

Tuesday, December 11


girls with asses like mine dun go for faces like yours
oh boy oh tyme and again hell yeah repeating the chain
i say hell no!
please give up,and shut up
you little stuck up
no way im gonna give in to you boy
god know how crazy you're driving me
insanity!im going wild
this devils game you play,and all that spiritual bouquet
you're making a mockery of yourself
kill the dreams boy.

Friday, October 5


i can't speak fluent like they do it on tv
i can't compose a love song like the way it's meant to be
people rhyme poem but i type this sh*t
my ideas are twisted,that i have to admit
crash date,birth rate,plate,bait,trait,weight
comical lines all this illogical rhymes
still thinking of ze suspect of this victimeless crime?
polish up your joke and your bitching skills
or else be prepared to choke on your diet pills


conscience money for your first pay
spent it all or stash away?
ima let u do ur way
im thrifty,i put my money on my mind
sharpen up,im gonna grind
dis is how im gonna shine
i gotta tell u like my dad told me
cash rules evryting all around me
its paper talk,no longer bout power,respect
piggybank savings oh drop the subject
stash some save a bill or two
this aint gonna need any critical review
like rihanna u gotta get ur umbrella
coz wen da rain cums,u gotta b da go getta
get bz,get da moula reel in
spend some,get da rest banked in
process the time,read back ze initial rhyme
money's a bitch and shopping's a crime
its like obstacle race on a military pace
with an odd SPENDTHRIFT tattooed across your face
get some breathing space
oblige to ze situation,deny ze temptation
horaah now then doom to starvation
till the end of time

-by dilly and vainpot.

Saturday, September 29


We will sit down one day,thinking back and reminiscent
about our highschool days and what our friendship represent
you'll find yourself missing everyone and everything
and what dear fond memories have this highschool bring.
maybe some days we had our ups and downs,
but most of the time we are really clowns
this memories of us
will never be forgotten or erased
cause i believe that no one can replace
the happiest moment we had together
through good or bad weather
we have stayed as one.
we will move on,
and each day will be a different dawn.
today is not the end
its just the begining,my dear friend
we will walk one day,hand in hand
and enjoy the fruits of success
leaving away all these frustration and stress.
true enough it hurts to say goodbye
but one thing will never change,
for the friends that we have made now
will be the friends for the rest of our days
i hope these bonds will never be broken
though words may not be spoken.
friends forever.


how do i tell you exactly how i feel?
would you believe me when i say its for real?
its seems so wrong,
but yet so right.
tormenting myself over you

my courage never seem to climb,
my escape plan can't seem to work,
just hoping one day,
it all would be clear;
you're the one i typed about
the one i write about.
so yeah,
pretty much you're the crush,
that im not able to reveal.

Sunday, September 9


she scream her name is sarah,
and insist that she's pretty much a big deal
she kicks the coke machine
and she pops kids baloons with her nails
and she thinks she's cool cause she hears to hellogoodbye.

she claim to be indie
but dressed up like a punk
she tries to make a scene
fool oh fool
again she scream her name is sarah
she's the girl who kicks the coke machine
and insist that she's pretty much a big deal.

Sunday, May 27


abusive outburst of anger;
my brittle heart
u broke it once
now u tear it apart

abusive outburst of anger,
that comes out from an angry state
an unreasonable doubt in my mind
a horrible word that i spit

abusive outburst of anger;
i know,
forgiveness is not an easy embracement.
but trust me,
if only pride could hide for a moment
then maybe,just maybe
forgiveness you could confide in me

Thursday, May 10


with a bouqet of fresh roses on her hand
and her white gown
she flows down the aisle
she waited
for her groom

time flies
and days goes by
her roses withered
and her gown loses colour
but still she waited

autumn summer winter spring
still she waited

Friday, April 20


i guess people change much
and thus i dun fit in anymore
i felt as if im different

i guess
i just can't relate to you now
i can't fit in
ur mean
im not
ur a drama queen
im the nerdy lot

guess i have to stay a distance now
make myself invisible possibly
cause when im with you
i just feel so wrong and lonely
u change
i change
we change
everything moves on
and perhaps we have to end it here

Saturday, March 31


the joy of a father
having born his first child
with tears rolling down
and demure sense of joy
he stroke her left cheek
and kissed her right
and whisper to his baby softly
"dear apple of my eye,i love you"

and when she wails,
it maked his heart beat fast
it makes him wonder
what could have gone wrong?

and when she smiles,
with giggles of laughter
she make his day shine
brighter than the sun
she makes his life stop
and just revolve around her
and her only.

the joy of a father
having born his first child


she's the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen
the way she laugh
the way she smile
the way she potray herself
it makes him senile

he carve her "name"
on his jotter book
on his shoe
on his wrist
and he wish to make her his
queen of heart

but he never met her again
since that day
and for so long he waited
she never came

Saturday, March 17


just look away
if there's somthing despicable about me
cause you know i won't be bothered by what you say,
or you do,or what you think,
or that stupid drama look that you give.

just look away
if there's somthing you hate about me.
cause i won't change into another person likeable
by you.
i like the way i am,even if i stink,even if my face is
too oily even if i am a fashion disaster.
i love myself.

just look away
cause i dun care,
even if you make me sway once before.
but now we have nothing in common
as you have sayed
when you break up with me
after im i've been laid.
as much as i regetted this after
my pride is gone and my virginity scraped off
i still have to live
as life goes on and never stop
until you hear your last breath tick off.

Sunday, March 11


i've learned,
that our background may have influenced who we are
but we bear the responsibility of becoming who
we want to be.

i've learned,
that when im mad,i have the right
to be angry but that does not give me the right
to be cruel.

i've learned,
that when we aim high and work hard,
we may achieve what we want but if we fail,
we bounce back.

i've learned,
that it is hard to draw a line between being
nice and not hurting others;
standing up for what you believe in.

move on,
the world doesn't stop
for your grief.

Wednesday, March 7


it's all so empty
so dead inside
without them with me
right here by my side.
there's so many people
but no one even cared
to listen to me
to what i wanted to share.

i feel so dumb
and i feel so numb
so i scream and shout
and i shout and scream
but they don't seem to hear me
or feel me
or even see me
and so,
i feel so empty
cause no one even cared.


though i told you once
that they regard us as toys,
but all u ever cared about
is boys.
but when you realise
your boyfriend is her scandal.
then your heart start to burn
just as hot as a candle.

though i told you once
that they regard us as toys,
but all u ever cared about
is boys.

so don't go around,
hoisting your own petard
cause you know yourself that
you're boyfriend is such a retard.

so don't you fret
or regret
when your relationship,
get's cold
cause you're once being told
that they regard us as toys,
but all u ever cared about
is boys.

Monday, March 5


flying kisses
sweet sms'es
his lovely promises
but all silence now,
my boyfriend seems dead

sweet words
"she's my girlfriend" slogan shirts
couple bags,brand mertz
but all silence now,
my boyfriend seems dead

first love
then come lust
a pair of dove
losses each other's trust
my boyfriend seems dead.